neochromologism.io is a creative artifact for research where you can spontaneously name colors. Your naming reflects a very individual or shared color vocabulary. If shared, we hope to find out.

Please, use your mother tongue and enter the name that you would use to describe the background color to someone else. The database generated will be used for artistic and scientific research in the field of art, psychology, and linguistics.

Behind this project are María Boto and Kristel Peters (Laboratorium, KASK / School of Arts Ghent), Juan Luis Font (University of Seville), Prof. Christine Mohr and Domicele Jonauskaite (Colour experience research group, University of Lausanne) and Prof. Mari Uusküla (Tallinn University).

This project is funded by Arts Research Fund of University College Ghent and Doc.CH fellowship grant to Domicele Jonauskaite from the Swiss National Science Foundation (P0LAP1_175055).

Previous versions of neochromologism.io launched as part of the research project “The color biolab” and developed by Laboratorium and Juan Luis Font are available here: http://lab.neochromologism.io


You agree that we can use your anonymous responses for our research, giving up any intellectual property rights over the names included in the database. No personal information is saved.

To see all the versions launched: http://lab.neochromologism.io